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Art and Decolonisation
UAL: Central Saint Martins

Diagrammatics: A day-symposium organised by the MRes Art: Theory & Philosophy course exploring the potential of diagrams for creating new concepts, experimentations, encounters and speculative fictions

This event is taking place as part of Central Saint Martins' Show One: Art, 22–26 May 2019
LVMH Lecture Theatre
Central Saint Martins

Kamini Vellodi (Edinburgh College of Art): Approaching Deleuze and Guattari's Concept of the Diagram

Mark O'Donahughe (UAL: Chelsea College of Art): The Diagram and Space in Japanese Landscape Prints

Christopher Kul-Want (UAL: Central Saint Martins): 'I Speak'? Yorgos Lanthimos' Kinetta

Steve Richards (UAL: Central Saint Martins):
Occult Diagrams

John Cussans (Social Morphologies Research Unit) & Kelly Fagan Robinson (University College London: Anthropology): Authority Figures (The Eerie and Uncanny Invasion of One Person's World by Another Person's World)